Great Coffee. Amazing Views.

Tahosa Coffee

A Unique, New Coffee House

Tahosa Coffee House gets its name from where it resides – within the Tahosa Valley.  “Tahosa” is an American Indian word meaning “Dwellers of the Mountain Tops” – a fitting name for…

Hours Of Operation

**Please Note: We are closed the entire week of Thanksgiving and will reopen November 29.

Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday/Sunday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Located just down the road from St. Catherine’s Chapel:


Classic Drip Coffee

OZO Coffee brewed fresh. Sometimes a blend, sometimes single-origin – barista’s pick daily


Espresso with steamed milk


Espresso, steamed milk, and delectable chocolate


Espresso with steamed milk and extra milk foam


Espresso with water


A 4 oz. drink with equal parts espresso and steamed half & half



Tea Latte

Loose-leaf tea steeped in a bit of hot water and filled the rest of the way with foamed milk, latte-style.

Chai Latte

Equal parts spiced tea concentrate and steamed milk

Matcha Latte

A rich and earthy green tea with steamed milk

Hot Chocolate


*Want it iced? You’re in luck. Our lattes, mochas, americanos, certain teas, chai, and matcha can all come iced for those hot summer days (or cold winter days – whatever strikes your fancy). 


Oat or Almond 


Chocolate, Vanilla, Maple Syrup, Honey, Seasonal (Consult our ordering-desk for any seasonal flavors!) 


Our pre-made food selections will be on display for you to peruse. Options include sweet and savory. 


Proudly Serving OZO Coffee

We’re excited to serve you OZO Coffee, a well-known, quality, local brew. Located in Boulder, Colorado, they roast a variety of flavor profiles from across the globe.

OZO is committed to sourcing ethically and sustainably grown coffees from around the world. They are dedicated to building strong relationships with their farmers to “ensure consistent harvest practices, delivering the highest quality throughout the entire supply chain from seed to cup. Many of the lots [they] source are Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified.”

Come and dwell with us

Tahosa Coffee House gets its name from where it resides – within the Tahosa Valley.  “Tahosa” is an American Indian word meaning “Dwellers of the Mountain Tops” – a fitting name for the surrounding terrain and its mountain-loving inhabitants. Camp St. Malo, the property upon which TCH is situated, is frequently visited by travelers, tourists, and pilgrims.

The mission of Tahosa Coffee House is to invite our guests from all across the country and world to take a step back from the noise, encounter a friendly face who will provide a delicious drink, and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings without the usual distractions. That being said, our coffee house does not offer wifi – but we do offer spaces for great conversations, fun with friends and family, and spectacular scenery just outside our doors!

So, even if you’re just passing through, we invite you to take some time to simply dwell with us.

Grab a seat. Take a sip. Stay awhile.

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